Where to get help with science homework?

Scientific topics are frequently difficult to grasp from lectures and textbook readings alone. The average science student needs multiple methods of instruction and some individualized help before they can fully grasp challenging theoretical topics and quantitative procedures. However, not every school or university provides this level of instruction, and when the time to complete science homework comes around, a number of pupils are left in the lurch.

If you are having trouble with your science homework, there are a number of great places to turn for help. The following are just a few popular ideas.

Video Streaming Sites

Many science instructors like to provide highly detailed and professionally edited science instruction videos on sites like Youtube and Google Video. These videos tackle some of the most difficult concepts in the sciences, and manage to explain tricky material in a visually engaging manner that is easy to follow. If you are having theoretical or computational problems with your science homework, a cursory search on a video streaming site will lead you to a number of great demonstrations and tutorials.

Online Tutoring Centers

Not everyone has the time to stop by a university tutoring center or meet with an instructor during their office hours. For busy students, the best way to get individualized tutoring is to look online. For an hourly fee, a number of science experts and education professionals are available online to assist with homework and essay assignments. Perform a specific search using the topic or the course name as part of your search terms. You can hire an online tutor at any time of day and receive advice and guidance immediately, over the phone, through a chat room, or via a video chat program such as Skype.

Science Blogs

A number of accomplished scientists have decided to make their fields more publically accessible by flocking to the blogosphere. In some instances, you can enlist the help of these experts when you’re struggling with science homework. Seek out sites like Thought Catalog or Science Blogs, and find a writer who specializes in the field or topic that your homework pertains to. Read up on the writer’s blog posts, and don’t hesitate to shoot them a polite, brief email with some conceptual or procedural questions. Science writers are typically motivated by a desire to spread a love of science and to educate people, and many are willing to help struggling students with their science homework problems.