How to Write a 5 Paragraph Essay?

One of things the common misconceptions surrounding quality essay writing is that they need to be long and extensive rambling papers to get a good grade. The belief that you need to “go big or go home” has somehow been instilled in students over a basic “quality instead of quantity” principle. The truth is, a simple to the point well defended essay written in only 5 Paragraphs can be just as effective as an extended 30 page essay that goes over redundant points. In fact, many instructors prefer that their students deliver 5 high quality written paragraphs, over long half-novels that they really do not want to read… let alone grade!

Personally, I strongly believe in a work smarter not harder philosophy when it comes to academic writing. By following this simple 5-paragraph essay format, an individual can say plainly convey their entire thesis in short essay form.

Paragraph 1: Introduction

This is where you engage your reader and state your case by trying to procure interest in the subject matter and the rest of the paper. Believe it or not you can do this quite easily, with a strong clincher, a valid thesis and an overview of the content that is following,

Paragraph 2: Body Paragraph One

This is where you include your strongest argument or the most obvious point. Use transitional hooks to make the introduction and this first paragraph flow together naturally.

Paragraph 3: Body Paragraph Two

This should be a follow-up to the first paragraph and include the second most valid argument.

Paragraph 4: Body Paragraph Three

This is where you will introduce a more unique argument or a new idea that the audience may not of considered. Still try to tie paragraph 3 into 1, and 2, by reminding your reader how these arguments are related. Add a final transition to the end of paragraph three so it flows nicely into your conclusion.

Paragraph 5: The Conclusion

Finally, you are almost done. Your conclusion paragraph should mirror your introduction. Restate your thesis, and solidify your arguments with an overview of the essay. Conclude the paper on a high note, with one final solid observation that defines your case.

Writing a well-structured 5 paragraph is an art to be mastered if you want to work less and still improve your grades on written assignments. Instead of becoming intimidated by a project, challenge yourself to minimize an entire essay into this structure. Instead of sacrificing quality, write five simply amazing paragraphs are short, simple and properly formatted.