How Difficult Is Analysis By Division Essay?

An analysis by division essay is basically a particular kind of essay that essentially groups given objects, events or people by characteristics that bind them or those that they share. The major difficulty comes in when a writer has to contend with the idea of having to group events, people and eventually create subgroups that identify with the events or people. This to a person who is not a perennial essay writer or who is just venturing into the essay writing field might prove herculean. Some of the challenges that a writer is likely to face or the difficulties he is likely to experience are informed by the following steps which must be adhered to:

  • Establishment of a subject
  • Presentation of a clear thesis
  • Following of an organizational pattern
  • The use of transition
  • Drawing of a suitable and compelling conclusion

A breakdown of the above

In order to establish a given subject, you need to settle on a subject that can be easily subdivided into groups. The subgroups should have sufficient information that will engage the reader and make them analyze the information given as well as make a comparison. The basis of any essay is its ability to inform and persuade the reader. As such, an analysis by subdivision essay should be able to present clear ideas and facts and as well as inform the reader on the intent as well as the principle that guides the classification.

A clear organizational pattern is essential in the sense that it provides an individual with an opportunity to follow the sequence of your argument and the information you are putting across. This more often than not portends challenges to many writers who have problems engaging the readers or providing a clear outline of the argument at hand.

In effect, the use of transition and drawing a compelling conclusion is something that many writers face difficulties in. a reader needs to be persuaded to adopt your thinking and logical sequence of ideas. As such, many writers find this quite challenging when writing an analysis by division essay.