Write My Essay Free - Who Needs It?

Believe it or not, as Mr. Ripley might say, there are students who are willing to write an essay for you, wait for it, for free. There is no catch or at least no discernible catch but it is nevertheless wise to explore the matter as fully as possible. Here is a possible scenario to explain the situation.

Student X promised to write a number of essays to be published online at a rate of say, 10 a year for three years. After a year and a half student X and the aforementioned writing commitment has ground to a halt. It was probably a case of writer's block, a distinct lack of ideas. Student X has run out of ideas and topics upon which to write the relevant essays. So to solve the problem the student posted his or her situation online.

Send me your essay topics and if one appeals I will write an essay on your topic and give you a copy.

There's no such thing as a free lunch

Now as mentioned earlier on in this article, there is nearly always a catch. As somebody once said, if it's too good to be true it's too good to be true. You see a possible problem here is that the free essay you receive will also be published by the educational institution to which student X had made the promise. So while you will receive a free essay, and presumably one which has been very well researched and written, you also have the problem that when you submit your essay it will be fairly easy to prove that it is the same as the one written by student X.

There are certainly many opportunities for you to purchase an essay. But in this situation the word free does not apply. So unless you are able to meet a person such as student X or persuade a friend or colleague to do you a favor and write the essay for nothing, then you are stuck. You will either have to write the essay yourself or purchase one from the many online essay writing services available.

Of course if you did receive an essay for free, it is possible to use that as the basis of your essay as you rewrite it. You would need to be clever and good at actual rewriting because the software available today to detect plagiarism is very, very good.