Write My Essay for Me So I Can Go Party

This should not be the attitude of a mature college student who is preparing for a lifelong career as a scholar or another type of professional. In fact, some employers are wary of hiring new college graduates because they feel that the graduates lack the maturity and preparedness to enter the workforce. According to recent surveys of employers concerning their hiring preferences, they seek employees who have strong writing and research skills. You will not learn these skills if others write your essays. The employers also mentioned that they look for employees who have good customer service skills, who possess critical thinking skills, who can work independently and an excellent work ethic. Here are some tips on becoming a mature and motivated college student.

Financial Maturity

If necessary, you should look for ways to be frugal while in college and you should stick to a spending budget if you have limited income from your part-time job. Don't rush to apply for a credit card because a majority of young persons don't handle credit card debt well and when they graduate, they encounter lots of credit card debt in addition to student loan. Save a portion of your income every pay period and learn to rely less on your parents.

Manage Time Wisely

If you have three research papers that are due within a three month time span, you should get started on the first research paper as soon as you are given the assignment. Then you need to type the first research paper and proofread it so you can quickly move on to the next two papers. If you have a major exam that is coming up in the next two weeks, start studying now so that you won't cram on the night before exams. Cut back on the parties so you can prioritize your schedule.

Accept Help From Others

One of the marks of maturity is the ability to accept help and since there will be times when you encounter problems, know where you can get assistance. For example, if you struggle with a topic for your Latin American history class, meet with your professor and visit the campus library so that you will look at current events and issues that have not been covered extensively by scholars. Visit the campus writing center and get assistance with organizing the essay.