A List Of Easy Research Paper Topics For University Students

Picking research paper topics that you will realistically be able to work with

If you need to write a research paper then it can be tempting to write about the first idea that come into your head. However, it is a much better idea to spend a bit more time brainstorming ideas in order to pick something that will make the rest of the writing process as easy as possible.

The problem of picking a topic something without really thinking about how you can write it is that you may end up realising that actually there simply isn’t enough information to write a full and detailed paper. Alternatively, it could be that you need to carry out difficult research that is not going to be easy, or even possible.

Basing your paper on ideas found with the help of past papers

One way to help broaden your range of ideas is to look for past papers that have been written by other people. By looking at previous titles in topics that people have written about, it can help to bring up ideas for your own paper.

Finding past papers and pre-written work for free

There are various places where you can find past papers, including many free essay websites on the Internet. However, if you wish to use the work you find for more than just help to inspire any ideas then you can put yourself at risk of plagiarism. Equally, the quality of the work that you find may not be of the highest standard.

Paying for topic ideas or custom-written essays online

If you want to find examples that are of a high standard, then it can be a much better idea to look for work that you have to pay for. Either you can find prewritten essays have been written by experts, or you can have a bespoke piece of work created for you.

Some research paper topics to think about

  • A comparison of the United States with the fast rising Chinese economies
  • An examination of flaws and failures of every political ideology in history
  • The psychology of serial killers and why they do what they do
  • A profile of Leonardo da Vinci
  • How the internet took over the world
  • An investigation into the process food industry and how healthy the food is
  • The complexities of building the Hoover Dam
  • A comparison of education and standards between the sexes now and in the 1950s
  • An analyse of the world’s biggest technology companies
  • The rise and fall of political dictators