How to create an original Article Review

An article review is a summary and evaluation of a work, usually that of an expert. It is often used in the classroom setting as a way to introduce students to the process of critically reviewing material as well as a peer review process. It is not intended to be just a regurgitation of what is stated in the article. The writer of an article review is expected to review the material and give a critical evaluation of it. It should demonstrate the reviewers understanding of the information as well as give constructive feedback to the original author.

With proper planning and organization, it is not difficult to create an original article review.

Choosing your article

The first step is to chose your article. Unless as specific article is assigned to you, choosing your article can be an interesting and rewarding experience. You want to look for an article in your field of study on a topic that you find interesting. Take this opportunity to learn about something new in your field. Look for an article that does not already have a number of published article reviews. This will help ensure that you are writing from a fresh perspective.

Read and Take Notes

The next step is to read the article. Start by skimming the materials. Note any terms that you do not understand and make sure to clarify those terms before you re-read the article. Once you have gotten a handle on the overview of the article, read it again and take notes. Don't forget to note your impressions and opinions as they pop up during the reading. Remember, the key to a unique article review is that you state your critical analysis so don't censor yourself during this note taking process.

Writing the Article

The first thing you want to write is a summary of the article in your own words. Don't forget to properly cite, but your focus should be to show that you understand the material but stating it in your own terms. After the summary, you will then move on to the critique of the material. Cover a review of the positives that the writer brings to the discipline and review areas that need improvement. Follow a structure like any paper, including an introduction, main body, and conclusion and follow the proper style format of your discipline.

By being organized and remembering to do an original critical analysis, you will write an original article review that will add to your area of study.