Wrapping up your Book Report

A book report is the review of a book. Students may think of it as a boring task as it is very time consuming. Teachers assign this task to students as a homework assignment so that they can utilize the spare time at home. Book reports are included in the syllabus because reading a book will add a lot to the student’s knowledge. You can learn life-long experiences by simply reading a book. Reading is fun and some students love to read novels and books because they are engaging and can keep their interest for long.


So you have read a book and have successfully written a book report about it. How do you determine that your report will be successful or not? The conclusion of your book report plays a vital role in determining the success of your report. It should be very clear and must be able to show your direct opinion about the book. If you have recommended the book to others then you should also justify it.

Review your book report

Once you have completed writing the first draft of your report it is then time to review it. Do not do it right after you finish writing. Whenever you review your work you need to do it with a fresh mind. Leave your book report for a while. Involve yourself in some other activity and start your review with a fresh mind with new ideas. Make sure that:

  • Your report summarizes the story of the book.
  • You have listed all the important characters of the novel.
  • You have not missed an important event/turning point in the book.
  • Your tone is not biased in any sense.
  • You have included enough details about the author.
  • Re-arrange the paragraphs.

When you review your report you will find areas that need to be re-written and some of them will not be placed in the right order. Re-arrange sentences and paragraphs so that your report becomes comprehensive for the reader.

Revise your introductory paragraph

The introduction paragraph is usually written at the start of the writing process but finalized in the end. The thesis statement you write in the beginning may change over time as you proceed with your writing. Make sure the body paragraphs and introductory paragraph are well synched and convey the same message.

Check for grammar and spelling

Like any other writing it is important to proof-read your book reports before you submit it.