Pre-Columbian America

America is a country that has been inhabited by people of many different cultures. America was first inhabited by native peoples, and was later colonized by the British and other residents. Pre-Columbian America is the name of the time period when there was no European presence on the American continents. The name comes from the first person from England to discover America, Christopher Columbus. Therefore, the pre-Columbian era is the period before Christopher Columbus came to America in the year of 1492.

During the Pre-Columbian era, there were indigenous cultures on the land. These cultures had been living off the land in different ways for many years and they were perfectly happy and content with their way of life on the land. Some of these indigenous people were hunters and were on the move depending on where their food source traveled, while others set up more permanent home structures and stayed in a more localized area. The indigenous people had traditions and practices that had been practiced for many years with much success. Before the white people came to America, the indigenous people were very successful at living on their own without outside influence. However, with the arrival of Columbus, the lives of the indigenous people were dramatically disrupted. The white people wanted to control the indigenous population and to take over the land in the Americas. They pretended to befriend the indigenous people, but they were really planning to take over the land by force. The arrival of Christopher Columbus marked the beginning of a new civilization in the Americas and the repression of the indigenous people and cultures in order to make way for British rule.

The Pre-Columbian era was a time for indigenous cultures to flourish and to maintain their traditions. This was a time when the indigenous cultures could live according to their beliefs and traditions. The Pre-Colombian era was a time when American was distinct and had different types of indigenous cultures living in different styles throughout different regions of the continent. When Columbus arrived, the white people began to take over the indigenous populations and try to make them conform to the British way of life. They were overtaking the indigenous cultures by force and were unwilling to let the indigenous people continue their traditional way of life. The arrival of Christopher Columbus is one of the most major events in American history.