Where to Find a Good Example of a Research Paper

If you are new to writing research papers, you can hugely benefit from a look at the examples of such papers completed by others. It will give you a better idea of proper formatting and layout than any instructions. However, as there are so many types of research papers, it may take some time and effort to find an example that fits you.

  • School Library
  • Begin your search in your school or college library. They must have examples of papers submitted in the same course, or probably even to the same instructor. Reading them will give you an adequate idea of what is expected of you. However, formatting requirements might have changed slightly since this paper was accepted. Use these examples to shape a general idea of what kind of paper you have to write, but for exact formatting details refer to your assignment.

  • Other Academic Libraries
  • If you are not satisfied with what you find in your school library, browse websites of other academic institutions. Some colleges and universities have online databases available to general public for free. Narrow down your search to the course and topic you need.

    This way you can discover many great examples of research papers. If you have enough time, study several ones carefully. Take notes of which their main points are and how the authors prove them. The more papers on a similar topic you work through, the better you will be prepared to writing your own one.

  • Educational Websites
  • The websites with “.edu” in the address line have examples of research papers in all common styles, including MLA, APA, and Harvard. These examples are the most trustworthy ones that can be found online. Use them as a formatting guide for your paper if your assignment provides no detailed instructions but simply states the style name.

  • Other Free Websites
  • You may also try to look for free samples at the websites of writing services and those devoted to academic writing. The upside is that it is easy and fast. The downside is that examples may be very different from each other and hence confuse you. If in doubt, give preference to those found at educational websites – they are usually of higher quality.

  • Your Tutor’s Archive
  • If none of the ways above has worked and you are utterly confused about what kind of paper you have to produce, ask your instructor to let you look at the examples of previous research papers submitted to them. Most tutors will not refuse you, or at least they will point out to you another place where you can get good examples of research papers.