Report Writing Stages: Planning and Research

There are several stages of a report writing assignment that you must follow. One of the first is planning and research. Without this step it is impossible to create a good report. Planning and research prepares you to become an expert on the paper and the topic at hand and allows you to write a paper that is well written for the reader.

Planning and Research: How to do it

Planning and research is not hard to do. Here are some tips that you can keep in mind to make things easier:

  1. Choose the topic that you will write about. You can use the internet and other sources that are available to help you choose a topic. Remember this should be something that you find interesting so that the paper is easier to write.
  2. Once the topic has been selected you should then decide how you will research that paper. There are multiple sources of finding information, including textbooks, journals and research paper and of course the internet. You should make your life easier and use one source and know what you want to use.
  3. Taking notes is something that you should be doing. Most students choose to take notes on notecards. Use different colors of highlighters and use one notecard for each topic of information that you want to present in the report.
  4. Focusing when you re researching is important. Before you start wiring the paper you want to ensure that you fully understand the topic at hand.

How long does it take to Research?

There is really no one answer for this question. The amount of time that it takes to research a paper will vary. This varies according to the topic that you have chosen to write about and the sources that have been selected for the research of that paper. One thing that you can assure is that you need to allow yourself plenty of time to research, read and write the material. Whether you think that a few hours is needed or not you should allot this time.

Writing your Report

An export is written to provide the reader with information. Including factual information and stats is a must if you want to gather the attention of the reader. This is something that you can do only with the right amount of research. Do not sell yourself short of an amazing paper and get the research on!