Hints on Writing a good Report

The foundational principles of writing a comprehensive report are pegged on the ability to clearly outline the introduction, body and conclusion. This is not much different between writing a report and an essay in terms of structure. Although a report is a presentation of facts while an essay is argumentative.

Guidelines of writing a report

Introduction; almost all professions occasionally require report writing if not always. So, an undergraduate degree student will be required to learn this skill during his study.

  • The introduction in a report should be clearly and professionally without putting in unnecessary filler word. The aim is to explain the points in a way the reader can understand without straining.
  • Whatever is included in a report may be determined by the discipline and the purpose. A report should be grammatically correct and properly presented in a professional manner. The findings should also be analytically presented.

Characteristic of a report

  • A report is written to present certain information in an analytical manner and possibly bring forth a recommendation.
  • A report should have an introduction, body, conclusion and if need be-a recommendation.
  • It should be presented in short, straight to the point paragraphs and with numbered headings and sub headings.
  • At times where applicable graphs are used in report writing for better presentation of the points.
  • The executive summary is introduced in a report if required or deemed necessary- once again its for clear and precise presentations.
  • Contents of a report

    Apart from the introduction, body and conclusion a report may include the following:

    • Letter of transmittal, this is the letter to the person who requested for the report; it should include the salutations, the purpose, finding of reports, certain consideration and show of gratitude.
    • Title page, here the titles of the commissioner of the report, the person who prepared, the purpose and date of the report are included. They should be in full details.
    • Table of contents; it contains the list and appendices in the report plus tables and figures. For a a better presentation they should be listed separately.
    • The glossary, this contains and abbreviation or technical terms that may be unfamiliar with the reader. They are clearly illustrated and defined here.
    • Acknowledgment; this is a list of thanking all those who helped in preparing the report.
    • Executive summary; this is whereby a summary of each of the content contained in the report is put.

    Then, the introduction, body and conclusion consecutively follow the above content. The report also haves the bibliography and the appendices explaining complex, detailed or too technical material to be included in the report. The report should be written according to the specifications directed by the person who commissioned.