Same Sex Marriages

Living in the world today, many things are happening today which would have been totally unacceptable even ten short years ago. Same sex marriages are one of these subjects that many people are not able to tolerate even today, but more and more states are now recognizing these unions as legally binding contracts. The controversy seems to be based on old fears and discrimination, although there really seem to be no concrete reasons that these shouldn't be allowed. As same sex marriages continue to become legal, there are initial angry opposition but when the system is finally put into place, the general population never notices them even taking place. In fact, opposition to same sex marriage is much ado about nothing.

Financial Improvements

There are significant financial reasons to allow same sex marriages. Each time a couple gets married they have to hire everything from a minister to a caterer. Each of these transactions are going to be a financial benefit to businesses and the community. None of these things will be happening if same sex marriages weren't allowed. It doesn't stop there, as couples are much more likely to buy a house and settle down which is also something that won't happen if there was no union of same sex couples. There are undeniable effects of same sex marriages that can't be denied and the only thing that stops them is the narrow minded laws of fear that have existed.

Who Gets Hurt

When the government dictates to people what type of behavior and morals are ok to practice in the bedroom they are organizationally dictating what acceptable behavior is and what is not. How must these citizens feel as they strive to live their lives and have urgings that are against what the law tells them is appropriate. The only people who get hurt are the ones who have the attraction for people of the same sex. This can only hurt people, whereas allowing same sex couples to marry doesn't hurt anyone at all. In fact it makes more people feel like a part of the system rather than be an outcast from that law. If the law doesn't accept someone as they are, then they have no choice but to be outside of that law.


Same sex marriages are good for the economy and the only reason that laws are passed against them is that some people have fearful beliefs about the lifestyle of the people who are homosexual. There is nothing that can hurt a heterosexual person, being gay isn't contagious. There isn't any reason to be against the formation of legal same sex marriage unless you are afraid of making money and people being happy.