Spatial Planning For Drug Stores by Adoption of 5 Steps Technique in Continues Improvement and Its Effect on Health Performance

Spatial planning for drug stores can be done on different levels depending on the needs of the community and goals set by the drug store establishment. A drug store offers essential items people in the community use to stay healthy. In some cases, learning more about the community and demographics may help drug store locations understand how to provide products and services efficiently. In doing so, this will encourage good health for those who associate with the establishment regularly.

The 5 steps technique is known to be an important concept used in the public sector. It helps meet the needs of surrounding communities on a local and national level. In the case of drug stores, because they offer a vast selection of health items used by individuals of all ages, it is important spatial planning is executed in the best manner suitable for the establishment. The planning stage includes accessing the area the store would be established, accessing the types of people that live in the area, and land areas where the establishment would be built.

Transportation is another issue from different angles. The establishment would need to be located in an area people can access with ease. Meaning, people in the area should find the establishment useful, while delivery of products and items to the establishment should be made efficiently. There are stores that have large trucks and forms of transportation visit the area regularly. Spacing would need to be considered to ensure deliveries can be made safely. The environment is another factor to consider. The area should be clean, easy to access, and provide a sense of welcoming to customers that would encourage them to visit the store in the future.

For drug store establishments the products and services being offered will help in spatial planning for the establishment. How the land area will be used, regional development, environmental plans, and transportation needs are just a few elements necessary to help complete spatial planning. There are economic aspects to consider regarding funding necessary for spatial planning and impacts intended to be made within the community. Supply and demand are aspects that play a role in proper planning. Because drug stores offer different products and services with high demands they will need to access their ability in meeting supply needs for the community they will serve.