Education And Biology


Special Challenges for Teaching Biology

Biology is categorized as a science and focuses on the study of the biological features of both human beings and plants in the environments. The course is highly advantageous to students in that it introduces them to new and old concepts which enhance the wellbeing of society as a whole. For example, students who learn biology can take on a career as a doctor, nurse or veterinarian depending on their focus. According to Barry & Edgman, students studying medicine often face challenges understanding the basic principles of medicine because of the demanding nature of the course. However, students have been said to have issues when learning biology because of the complexity of the subject topics such as the various systems and functions of the body, the analysis of chemical reactions when doing lab work, and the study of the various procedures in the body. As such, students have a problem translating theory into practice (Elkins, 2012). Another challenge that students face is defining all the terms used on the subject. Each topic has in place new terms which are needed to understand each system. Apart from this, each of the body parts has names which all need to be understood in order to have a comprehensive understanding of the course.

How has Education in Biology Changed over the Years and how it has stayed the same?

In the past, the education in the course was not as complex as in present day. This is because a number of the concepts and ideologies were not yet introduced into the system. However, this dynamic changed during the transition of the widespread educational curriculum For instance, experts in charge of editing and incorporating new content into the curriculum introduced new practices which could merge the theory and practice while improve the packages offered in schools. In turn, this changed the way in which students, teachers, schools, and educational institutions viewed the old system. Despite the various changes that have been introduced in the system, some of the practices have remained the same making the course highly reliant on its old concepts while accepting of new practice and criteria. One of the ways in which the course has stayed the same is through the use of traditional ideas such as the history of the course, the study of specific topics such as cells and their organelles, and the use of scientific research when proving studies related to the course. Scientific research in the subject is ever changing because of the emergence of peer reviewed research.

What are Some Different, Technologies to Educate Biology Students?

There are many technologies needed to take down the course, as such, students are exposed to new forms of technologies as they advance in the course. As a result, it is important to understand the various technologies used by teachers to simplify the topics at hand. Some of the technologies that are best known for teaching biology are the microscope and the spectrometer. Though the devices are categorized as old inventions, microscopes have been developed to suit the changing demands in the industry. Apart from lab devices, teachers have learnt how to incorporate IT services when teaching to enhance the students understanding of some of the subjects. For example, modern schools require that teachers use the help of the internet when doing research on various topics. When learning, students can log on to the internet and find pictures of special plants, animals, structures of diseases, and body organs. This is ideal in ensuring that students have a comprehensive understanding of how the functions of the body operate with regard to the various reactions experienced during the growth of living organisms.