Homeland Security


Homeland Security is America’s most vigilant concept which is used to describe the entire country’s collective effort of making it devoid of terrorism and any kind of threats. The term got its significance after the 9/11 attacks which shook the whole nation and forced a new thinking for getting rid of terrorism.

This paper looks into the concept of Homeland Security and why it is important.

Homeland Security

The growth of the concept of Homeland Security after the 9/11 attacks is inevitable and apparent resulting from the assessment of the loss of life, property, and emotional distress for millions. It is a concept which is termed as a collective effort to make the country vigilant against any act of terrorism and let the country’s citizens thrive and prosper in a way they desire. The primary purpose and activity of Homeland Security is to provide advanced analysis and support the Federal government with anti-terrorism decisions and executing safety and precautionary programs. The origin of such an initiative was important because due to the extent of the spread of terrorism and the possibility of attacks getting more dangerous and sophisticated, it became necessary to develop a counter terrorism network that would be dedicated solely to the prevention of any kind of terrorist activities anywhere in the United Sates. However, there has been criticisms of the initiative after the issue of illegitimate detention of suspects in Guantanamo bay. Chlopak brings attention to the violation of the Geneva Convention where the treatise were signed for following a standardized humanitarian approach and offering certain basic rights of humane treatment to all humans everywhere. The concept of Homeland security in its peak with the mood of revenge of the 9/11 attacks detained many suspects who were thought to be associated with the event but no evidence have been found of their involvement. This has made the criticism louder among the global human rights community. That said, it is also important to develop innovative standards for preventing terrorist attacks looking at the rise of these groups across the world.


Homeland security is the necessity of time and in spite of the criticism it has attracted, it becomes essential to develop such mechanisms of safeguarding the country’s citizens against any act of evil and terrorism and mitigate its possibility of occurring. The debate about the inhuman treatment will continue until the germ of terrorism activities is not destroyed completely.