Nestle and Hershey comparison

Nestle is a big Swiss multinational that is involved in the manufacturing of food. The company has its headquarters in Switzerland. Hershey is one of the oldest food manufacturing companies in the United States. The company has its headquarters in Pennsylvania.

Nestle and Hershey are both in the confectionary products industry and they command a very huge market share. They produce products that are based on cocoa. For instance, the chocolate bars and the related products have been significant in the development of these two players. They are all part of the Chocolate manufacturers association in the United States.

The source of raw materials for their products seems to be the same region. Both companies are known to obtain their cocoa from West African countries. The companies share similar corporate social responsibility challenges. This has been evidenced with the concern that has been raised by some parties on child labor. Both companies have been criticized for exploiting child labor in the countries where they sourced their cocoa. Critics have made claims of child trafficking and forced labor because of the activities of the two companies in Africa. This criticism has motivated the two companies to come up with more initiatives to fulfill their corporate social responsibilities as they enjoy the profits that come from cocoa exploitation. Both companies face similar challenges with regards to contamination of their products. At one time in their history, they both have been forced to recall their products because of presence of microorganisms. In 2009, Nestle had to recall its products in the United States because of E.Coli. On the other hand, Hershey was forced to recall products from Canada in 2006 because of contamination with Salmonella.

The two companies have been involved in activities that reduce the environmental impact of their manufacturing processes. Nestle has advocated for this by encouraging environmentally sustainable farming. Hershey has also been involved in sustainability initiatives in the United States and in some parts of Africa.

Both companies have been involved in expansion activities. However, Nestle is focused on making a difference with nutritional health products. The company is concerned about health and wellness to make contributions towards the fight against diabetes, and heart diseases. This is a strategic move that has not yet been embraced by Hershey.

In conclusion, Nestle and Hershey are significant players in the foods industry. They almost face similar challenges with regards to corporate responsibility. The two companies are concerned about environmental sustainability.