Why do College require Application Essays?

By the time you are applying for college, you’ve probably written dozens of essays on various topics. Why, then, should you be required to write a college application essay?

Firstly, an application essay is an opportunity to show an admissions officer that you are more than just your transcript. Your grades may not represent your true interests and proclivities. It could be a hobby, a talent, or a relationship that has affected your perspective on the world. An application essay is a chance for you to talk about activities other than school that have helped shape you as a student.

Secondly, an application essay demonstrates your facility with language. Regardless of your discipline, you have to be able to communicate effectively using the written word. Even if you aren’t a great writer, make an effort to create an essay that showcases your talents. You can always use a professional to edit your essay and make sure it is technically perfect. You want to prove that you are capable of fully exploring an idea and reaching fruitful conclusions.

Thirdly, an application essay is an opportunity to demonstrate your unique personality. The application essay is your chance to show the college of your choice what makes you special. Admissions officers are looking to bring interesting and diverse students to their campuses. You should use your own voice in your essay, and don’t be afraid to show off your creativity. Make sure you stay within the bounds of the essay, but consider other perspectives or formats from which to write your essay. It is fine to use humor, but be very careful; you wouldn’t want an issue of taste to stand between you and the school of your dreams.

Finally, an application essay is the way that admissions officers distinguish you from other students. There will be plenty of other applicants that have similar grades and test scores. A dull or impersonal application essay can make an otherwise satisfactory candidate unappealing. A good application essay can turn an unremarkable academic record into a memorable candidate who would make a great addition to the freshman class. Put in the effort to write a charming, personal essay, and take the time to make sure that it is technically perfect before the application deadline. Then sit back and wait for your acceptance letters!