A List Of Easy Topics For Research Papers In History

History is fascinating and research papers in the field can be riveting if the right topic is chosen. Some topics practically pick themselves because of their relevance to current affairs. Here are a few research paper topics that can be easily considered.

  • How separate nations became the United Kingdom
  • Not that long ago, the Scottish people voted in a referendum to remain a part of the United Kingdom. The two sides were quite close however and there‚Äôs no telling whether they will remain for much longer. This essay could dig into what caused the various parts of the kingdom to unite in the first place and speculate as to whether their bonds were ever that secure to begin with and if it makes sense to maintain them.

  • How industrialization shaped the modern world
  • The birth of the modern factory, mass production and all that came with it have made huge changes in the way people live worldwide. This paper could delve into how various advances in technology up to the early 20th Century put the world on its current path and led to some of the benefits and problems we face today.

  • Life without the wheel: A history of the Mayan world
  • Mayan culture achieved amazing advances in astronomy and cosmology, architecture and medicine without using the wheel although they certainly had access to it. This paper can look into the alternative technologies that enabled them to progress as they did and whether they have applicability to the modern world.

  • The many names of Israel
  • The middle east has a tumultuous history and the violence within it continuous to the present. The land currently known as Israel has passed from one culture to another more than once in recorded history with two very religious populations currently both claiming ownership. This topic would need to be dealt with very carefully as both sides are strongly invested in their claim.

  • China: Centuries of Unbroken history
  • This is a topic that can be narrowed down significantly. Because of their meticulous record keeping the Chinese have more information about past events than most cultures. Focus on their weapons, food choices, architecture or systems of government.

These are only a few of the research topics you can complete with ease. If another crosses your mind, mention it to your professor to see if they think it suits the assignment.