How To Write An Essay: Analyzing The Arguments

There are a number of methods that you can use in order to reach the end goal of having a great essay written. One element to the writing process that you cannot overlook is the analyzing of the arguments that you are going to include in your essay. If you are making an argument for one side of a debate or controversial issue in your essay, then you are going to have to ensure a couple of core facts about your information. Some of the most important elements of the information that you are going to include are:

  • You are going to have to go above and beyond the exploration of the validity of the information that you are including- The validity of the information that you use in your argument is going to either strengthen or weaken your argument. If you are using information that is completely proven to be true from a scholarly journal, then you are going to help to support your argument. However, if you are using information from a less credible website that is constantly changing, then you might not be helping yourself out at all.
  • Ensure that your sources for information are legitimate- The credibility of your sources is the foundation to the strength of your argument. The sources must be approved by a professional source. Whether you ask your teacher, advisor, or another authority figure, you must get the go ahead to use the source. You do not want to risk using a source that will damage your essay instead of help it.
  • Research the other side of the argument that you are making- there is always another side to an argument. Make sure that you research the opposing side so that you know what information to include in order start strengthening your argument.
  • Only include facts about the argument that you are making- Opinions are weak, and facts are strong. Only use facts when including research for an essay that is making an argument.
  • Be sure to present your facts in a fair and reasonable manner- Make sure that you are always writing professionally.

These are the best ways to ensure that your information is being presented in a fair manner. If you are completely unsure about the credibility of a source and validity of the information, then you can ask your teacher or professor to help you determine if it is a good source to use.