The secrets of writing a good article review

An article review is an assessment of the arguments and ideas presented, that goes deeper than just analyzing the basic content of the article. Here are some things you should know to write a good, well written article review.

  1. Think about the objective of the article. What is the author setting out to do with this article? Look at how the article is put together and what themes and tones are used. This will help you come up with some theories you want to address in your analysis.
  2. Validate the evidence. Do the arguments or evidence presented in the article come from reliable sources? Is the author’s position on the subject clear, or do they present more than one opinion?
  3. How does the information provided fit in with the general topic being discussed?
  4. Think about what the reader wants. As a reader, what information regarding the article would you want to know more about?
  5. Be original. One of the key strategies in writing a good article review is to look at things from a fresh angle. Try to present your article with a spin that makes it stand out, but is still informational.
  6. Don’t focus on your thoughts and feelings regarding the article. The readers want to know substantial facts about the article, and the topic in question, so that they can come to their own conclusions about it.
  7. Make it interesting. Keep your readers from getting bored. Perhaps try adding a personal touch to your review to so the reader feels connected to the topic, and therefore will keep reading.
  8. Be specific. Don’t ramble on with tedious facts that have little to do with the topic. Give specific detailed examples as evidence in your review.
  9. Include a general statement about the article you are reviewing.
  10. Be consistent. Don’t jump around with evidence that gives too many different viewpoints on the article. You want to give the reader more detailed information about the topic, not confuse them.

These are just some basic steps to help you get started with your article review. Following them should help in creating a good review that even you would read.