Composing An Effective Problem Solution Essay On Gun Violence 

Gun violence is a serious threat. If a student is going to write an impressive problem solution essay on gun violence, he or she should understand the amount of responsibility that is being shouldered. There is a lot of information on violence in general, but gun violence is perhaps the most terrible as it usually leads to a lethal outcome. 

As you create a composition, you should remember factors that are vital for decent problem solution writing. Reading the following tips can help you write a good text on gun violence. 

  1. Choose a peculiar problem, not a general one.
  2. Gun violence is a popular topic and it consists of many sub-themes. Think about specific problems that are interconnected with the threat of firearms' violence: teenagers shooting each other, or the threat of gang collisions, etc. The devil is in the details! Work on a separate small topic that leads to a larger one, and it will strengthen the essay’s effect. 

  3. Support it with the facts from the Internet.
  4. Problem solution text cannot exist without arguments. When you are describing a problem, you need to show the facts that prove its existence, and describe them in your work. Browse the Internet to find criminal records, statistics, journal articles on gun violence, and other factors that are related to the problem. They will become a strong basis for further writing. In addition, real facts have a powerful impact on the reader. If you use tragic events in the text, people will have compassion for the victim, and their interest in the problem will increase.

  5. Write down possible solutions.
  6. The solutions to the stated problem will become the result of your own research. You should write about realistic ways of solving it. Avoid writing about any utopian ideas like world peace or global disarmament. The list of solutions should also be supported with examples and facts. You can write your own thoughts, but you need to support them with some data that has already been checked and officially published. 

  7. Show your feelings.
  8. Write with emotion. You should show in your work that you are seriously worried about the problem. Describe the examples as if you were a witness of the written events. Then you will manage to win the public’s sympathy. Moreover, you will make people more conscious of the existing problem. Do not be afraid to be a sensitive person!