Guide For Writing Great Comparison Essays

Your academic career will have uncanny comparison essays which must be completed according to specific formats, containing useful information which must be presented in logical yet entertaining order. Putting forth hours of ingenuity and research will become moot if you've written the outline and body content amiss. While examining examples of comparison essays which others have written may seem plausible, we're taken the guesswork out of proper appearance by scripting this guide for writing great comparison essays every time.

Devising Title & Intro

Following the traditional five paragraph essay format is definitely imminent when writing comparison essays. You must also remember, however, that your primary objective should be reflecting upon your comparisons and what title would captivate your audience. Follow that up with an invigorating opening paragraph which will include the two subjects being compared and how you're approaching the situation. The opening paragraph is paramount in setting your essay's tone.

3 Paragraphs Of Great Content

The basis of your comparison essay will become your three main body paragraphs with your first two being the individual comparison topics and your third paragraph being an analytical approach to both subjects combined. Since you will have written unique traits of each in the previous two paragraphs, make sure you include something about what combining two topics would do and why. Try and stick to five distinct sentences when possible.

Sharp Conclusion

Make your final appeal to your teacher or whoever else will be reading your comparisons by writing 3-5 strong sentences depicting the subjects compared, how you managed to arrive at solutions and what readers should take away from your essay. Remember that you'll have the opportunity to win great praises simply by ending the entire segment strong and support everything you've written with factual evidence. Remember to cite your resources upon completion by making either a specific resource section or even making endnotes on each page.

Comparison, or contrast, essays which may be assigned during your college years have perhaps the greatest potential for receiving high grades provided your introduction is presented perfectly, each paragraph contains separate subjects and one paragraph with both items being contrasted in the third body paragraph. Finally, put special emphasis on writing your closing arguments and reflective thoughts which you wish readers to take away from your essay. The comparison essay needs to have perfect grammar and should, of course, be original works which contain no plagiarism connotations.