Coming Up With Appealing Sociology Term Paper Topics

Writing a sociology paper is not an easy task, but before you can even start you need an interesting topic. You need to think critically when selecting a topic; it also has to be a sociological question that you will answer in your paper. A sociological question should concern how individuals or groups interact within society. It has to look at how an event or phenomenon affects the patterns of behavior in groups of people. The crucial part is that it has to deal with groups of people. Select a topic that interests you personally. It is much easier to write about something which you are passionate about or find interesting yourself.

Luckily for you sociology is very diverse subject, and there is a very wide range of topics that can be discussed. Here are a few areas of society that sociologists examine.

  • Family
  • Things like abortion, marriage, divorce, child-rearing and domestic abuse are all issues that affect people and how they interact with wider society. You can look at how these issues are handled and viewed in different times or different cultures.

  • Large organizations: Business and government
  • Businesses and governments both have a huge impact on the lives of citizens. You can look at their characteristics and influence in different regions and times, and compare their impact on the behavior of society.

  • Social movement
  • Social and political activism can have a very wide-spread impact on society. Movements like the American civil rights movement and feminism have had a large impact on the way we structure our behavior in modern society.

  • Divisions and inequality
  • You can examine how the divisions in society determine behavior of certain groups or how different groups interact with each other. Examples of such divisions include gender, class, race and political beliefs.

The important part is not the subject itself, but examining it and framing the question with a sociological perspective. Here are some examples of topics and questions that come from a sociological perspective.

  • What is the role of mass media in shaping public opinion? How has the internet influenced this?
  • Is counterrevolution always the result of any revolution? Examine a specific revolution.
  • Does the television show ’16 and pregnant’ and other shows like it promote teen pregnancy?
  • Influence of parents on a Child's Behavior. Examine a specific aspect of a parent, such as their method of punishment.
  • How does divorce affect a child’s behavior? For example its effects on education or delinquency.