Ideas for Writing an Aristotle Essay

Aristotle was one of the greatest philosophers of all time and came from an intellectual lineage that included Plato and Socrates. When writing on Aristotle, the main focus will be on his philosophical works. The tone of your essay could be argumentative, but it is likely to be informative or even a biography.


This is priority number one before getting into the writing portion. The sources you will use are various texts—books, articles, etc. on Aristotle as well as the internet which has a wealth of information on your subject.

Research not only allows for you to harvest information about your subject, but you can also narrow everything down to a few manageable topics. Here are a few topics off to work with:

  • Explain Aristotle as a man with his accomplishments and as the philosopher with his accomplishments. In other words, tell the reader about the man and about the philosopher.
  • Aristotle was a polymath. What else did he pursue?
  • Aristotle’s influence on politics of his time and politics in our time.
  • Explain Aristotle’s work Politics.
  • Explain Aristotle’s ethics: Nichomachean Ethics, Magna Moralia, and Eudemian Ethics.
  • Compare Aristotle to his teacher Plato and to Plato’s teacher Socrates.
  • Aristotle and the classification of animals.

Some of these topics can actually be narrowed further. The point of narrowing a subject or topic is to make it manageable. When you have a famous person or a field of study, it can be pretty broad and result in a lot of stuff to shift through in trying to research and get down to your essay. In the case of a historical person the questions you should ask yourself are a combination of:

  • Around when did they exist? When were they active in what made them famous or significant?
  • Why are they significant?
  • Who were some of their peers of the time? Who were their influences or mentors?
  • What contribution did they make to their field?
  • Who have they inspired or influenced?
  • Was there any controversy included in their work?
  • How does their work stand up today? Was their work groundbreaking for their time?
  • What awards and recognition has this person received? Are there awards named in their honor?

These questions can assist in narrowing the field as well. After that, all that is left is to reflect on what you’ve taken note of and take on the task of writing your essay.