Using A Good Sample Of A Research Paper In MLA Format

The format of MLA is the most commonly used format for research papers as well as citing sources within humanities classes and the liberal arts. The MLA format is designed for using the English language and to format manuscripts. MLA stands for the Modern Language Association and is known for providing writers with a unique system in which can refer to the sources being used through a form of citation known as, parenthetical citation. In order to properly use the MLA format, one must gather all the information needed and then show others through the source material. MLA is also one of the favorite formats to use among writers, because its unique formatting has been found to help protect writers from plagiarism, which is an uncredited use of a source that was written by somebody else, other than you. Some average guidelines that you can use in order to write the perfect MLA paper are:

  • When typing your paper on the computer, make sure the font is legible, normally Times New Roman is suggested, it also needs to be a 12 point font and the whole paper needs to be double spaced
  • Only leave one space after ever period or other punctuation mark used, and set the margins on every side of the document to 1 inch
  • Always indent the first line or every paragraph
  • Have a header the numbers each page, it needs to be in the upper right hand corner
  • When necessary, use italics throughout the essay
  • Endnotes, if any are there should be included on a separate page, but it needs to be placed before the works cited page
  • Only make a title for the paper if it is specifically asked for
  • In the upper left hand corner of the first page, you write your name, your teachers name, the name of the course, and then the date (all double spaced)
  • The title is centered

When writing an MLA formatted research paper additional section headings can be used but are not always required. The added section headings are known for help with improving the documents readability. For example, each added section may be about an individual chapter within a book. If you use more than one level of headings, then a key should also be provided to your instructor when the assignment is turned in. Writing an MLA formatted paper is just writing a normal, well-organized essay. It is better than just scribbling notes and ideas down but it is not as good as an essay in which can persuade someone of something, with that being said an MLA paper can still pack a punch and can still get important messages through.