Help Writing Research Paper - Looking for Reliable Sources

Research papers don't exactly have the best reputation amongst students - probably because of their time-consuming nature. Unlike other types of papers, research papers take a much longer period of time to complete, simply due to the amount of background research that goes in to crafting them. This lengthy and tedious research can discourage many students from putting forth their best effort, especially considering the difficulty in finding credible, reliable sources. Instead of drowning in discontentment, however, these students should be show quick, correct ways to find reliable research. Below, we've compiled a list or resources and strategies that students can use to locate completely reliable research for their research papers. If you're looking for some reliable research paper sources, just remember to always:

  • Use only scholarly search engines. It seems easy to log on to google and look up your thesis topic on the world wide web, but this is a choice that will haunt you later. Generic search engines don't filter out the unreliable sites, or even the incorrect content that comes with free internet sharing. Instead, use search engines that only look up scholarly, academic sources. Many databases are available for free, while other public search engines provide options that narrow down results to strictly academic choices. You can still use these search engines - just use them more carefully, looking at only accredited academic sources.
  • Use your public or school library. Not everything published is reliable, but using a recent text or published paper on your topic will never steer you wrong. Take a trip to your college library or even the public library. They have years worth of great material and great databases to help you find what you need, fast. Don't be intimidated by the librarians, either; they can probably help you find what you need even faster! All in all, libraries are still incredible resources for research papers and should not be overlooked.
  • Consult your professors. Contrary to what some students have been led to believe, professors are very open, friendly and willing to help their pupils. If you're struggling to find research applicable to your paper, just ask them for some assistance. Odds are they know a few places you can look for good sources, and they might even have a few articles in their back pocket to help. Again, don't be afraid of asking for help - professors are great resources, and they want you to succeed, so ask for their assistance in finding reliable sources!