Choosing an unusual Topic for an Essay

Essay writing is a tricky work. It has to be written by those students who are interested in essay writing and those who do not like it at all. Essay writing is an exercise which enhances the creativity level of a student. It helps in improving writing as well as communication skills.

  • Essay writing is started by selecting a topic. It should not be written on any topic. The topic of your essay should be impressive enough to be liked at first glimpse.
  • Students are suggested different topics by advisors and teachers but sometimes they are given choices to select the topic on their own, write essay and submit it.
  • Topic selection is the most critical stage of essay writing. If the selected topic is not a good one, a student cannot write on it in a flow. He will stop writing ultimately and his efforts will be wasted.
  • To attract teacher’s encouragement a student has to think about such topic which is not very ordinary. Such a topic should be chosen on which there is no or very little past literature.
  • Unordinary topic is called unusual topic, which is beyond the expectations of teacher and grasp their attention at once.
  • The topic may not be unusual to teachers but it will still be a different one.
  • An unusual topic is selected by visiting library. Books in library are searched down for this purpose.
  • A student can also choose such a topic by discussing with his family, friends and relatives. If he arranges interviews and meetings with others he may also be able to get out an unusual essay topic.
  • He can also select such topic by net surfing. Internet has a lot of information on all topics in every field of life. Search engines are available which are helpful in selecting topics. It does not only contain official websites but also documentaries, interviews, magazines, journals and books even. With a click you can get a huge pile of information from that you can select an unusual topic.
  • Newspapers are also a very good source of selecting an unusual topic. If you read a headline and by omitting words make a narrow topic of it you can easily get data on it.
  • Selecting unusual topic is interesting for those students too who are not comfortable with essay writing. In this way, they will agree to write because in such topics there are a lot of things to be discovered. The urge of writing on a topic which does not exist already makes students to explore it.