Essay Writing Guide: persuasive Prompts

Writing prompts are tools and also assignment guides used to help students be focused in their writing. While they are meant to lead towards a topic and guide research and writing, they can be altered and used to develop a more precise topic that would be better suited for research .In a persuasive essay, prompts can be used to help guide and argument either toward a side you want to argue or towards a topic that you want to make an argument for. They can provide a great use in persuasive essays.

The Persuasive Essay

The persuasive essay is an essay where you provide an argument for a side of a topic being discussed. Prompts should be used to guide the topic to be argued. Prompts should not give the student the answer of what to write, but should give them something to think about and should be used as a tool to help guide students towards an argument that they want to research and discuss. They should allow room from growth or for being specific. They should guide a student towards a thesis statement, not be a thesis statement on their own.

Make the student think

A prompt should be a statement that gives the student something to think about. They should provide an issue or topic that needs to be discussed or debated, preferably one that is relevant or topical to the times and appropriate for both the age and the educational level of the student. An example of a persuasive essay topic would be “There is a lot of recent discussion about violence in the media that children enjoy, particularly in video games and television. Some professionals say that violence in the media is a major contributor toward rising crime rates and can lead towards violent behavior. Write an essay convincing readers of your point of view”. This topic can be focused to specify just one type of media of the writer’s choice if allowed or it can be used on its own and a side can be chosen for this issue. It gives the student something to think about and research and it may lead them toward a new goal for the essay if allowed to explore.

In conclusion

Prompts should allow a student to explore a topic and guide a student toward a topic of argument for a persuasive essay.