The Roots Of Antisemitism - From The Ancient World To The Holocaust

Anti-Semitism and the Holocaust are words that have been flung at people who dare say anything against the Jewish people. What is anti-Semitism? Why is the Holocaust continually brought back to the spotlight again and again? Have the Jews been victims since the dawn of time?

Anti-Semitism is what people cry is anything is said against the Jews. However, being a Semite does not mean being a Jew but rather a person or descendant from the Middle East who speaks a Semitic language, such as the Arabs, Jews, etc. How being hostile towards Jews was classified as being anti-Semitic is anyone’s guess, as they are not the only people who speak a Semitic language.

There is no doubt that the Jews have endured much since the beginning if the world. According to the Old Testament from the Holy Bible, of which the Torah holds similar books, the Jews fought for their place on this earth, sometimes wiping out whole civilizations that had displeased God. They had power and great cities, all of which fell to the Roman Empire. For a time they, the Jews, were God’s chosen people, but they lost this position when they denied Jesus as being the Messiah. Since the start of Christianity, the Jews have persecuted Christians but it was a few centuries before the Christians started fighting back.

The Holocaust has become a weapon of guilt for the Jews to use again and again, particularly against the Germanic people who have still not quite recovered from World War II. Never mind the fact that it was the Jews who put Hitler in control, who were some of his most vocal supporters in the beginning. Let it be forgotten that before the Jews were being arrested there were many Catholic priests who went missing and were never found. When the Nazis were hunting down the Jews it was the Christians who risked their lives to hide and later smuggle the Jews to safer countries. There have been massacres throughout history were the numbers killed were higher than the Holocaust, and some of them just as gruesome if not worse.

Therefore, the roots from which anti-Semitism has sprung may very well be from the Jews’ own making. Being anti-Semitic should not mean one is hostile towards the Jews, but rather against all people who speak a Semitic language. The Holocaust was brought upon the Jews by their own foolish mistake to support Hitler, and no one else should be made to bear the blame save those Nazis who carried out the heinous crimes. While there is a real problem between religions it has always been there and anti-Semitism is not the culprit.