High School Love isn't Real Love

Emotions are a part of the human package and as we grow up this package of emotions develop along with us. However these emotions are very powerful when we are young and although they make us feel so connected, they lead to decisions that young people are incapable of making. High school love isn't real love because nobody knows at the age of 16 who they are going to be at 30 or 40 and they will be different people.

Youth is Wasted on the Young

One of the things that proves this is the fact that so many people fall “in love” when they are merely children in high school. The only way to differentiate between these feelings and the real thing is the maturity that you gain as you grow older. So when you see two high school kids who are looking like they are in love. The physical attraction of the young lovers is based mostly on the physical reaction to sex. Sex is the dominant interest of the young love. Unfortunately that is a great description of lust not love. Love has a much more complete form. Love involves more than the physical attraction, of the youthful body. It involves the intimacy and caring for another person that doesn't only involve sex. It is support for each other in each aspect of your life and a common pursuit of their goals.

When you are in your teens the only scope of life that you comprehend is where the best social engagement might be and how popular you are. Fitting into the social norms of high school is far more important than finding out who you really are. Since you don't know who you really are and what you are passionate about there is no way that you can share that with someone else. This only happens after you gain a little life experience. This is true for what you find attractive in a person. When you are younger it is all about the hormones and the physical aspects of a relationship, as you age there is a depth of character that is developed that allows you to look further inside to see what is attractive. There is a deeper connection that has a chance to last further into the future.


Love in high school is not real love because in most cases the typical high school kid is unable to know what type of interests they will have over the long term. That is why so many people who get married young end up getting divorced because they do not know what it is that they really want in life later on. Couples who fall in love at a more mature age are able to bond in more manners than just physical.