Discovering Interesting Thesis Topic Ideas On Education

If you need to write a thesis about education, you need first to figure out what topic you want to approach. You have many options, and each one of them can be interested and engaging when analyzed carefully. As a student, you have the advantage of seeing the entire issue from an authentic point of view. At any time, you can use your personal experience as example when you discuss educational reforms or teaching methods. Even if not all students agree with you, some of them will identify themselves with your composition.

  • Wearing uniforms. Most of the students say that wearing a uniform will take away their personal style and identity, while professors say that this is a method to keep all the students at the same level and to represent their school. What do you think?
  • Homeschooling. More and more parents prefer home schooling instead of traditional education. They can choose what to teach their child, and they keep him away from any negative influence that he might have at school. Explain the advantages and disadvantages.
  • Different teaching methods. There are professors who are extremely strict and work after a very clear schedule while others prefer to make learning fun, and they introduce small games and songs in their teaching hour. Which one is more effective and why?
  • Learning from manuals. Some professors say that when you obligate a student to learn from a manual you take away his creativity and innovation. For others, this seems to be the most effective and correct method. Discuss your experience and what kind of teaching you prefer.
  • Gender segregation. Many institutions seem to think that when the children study in a class formed only by same-sex colleagues, they will be less distracted and pay more attention in class. However, some psychologists say that this can lead to social anxiety and excessive shyness when it comes to the opposite sex.
  • Learning more than one language. Especially for small children, this is a very debatable subject. On one hand, they can memorize much faster than older pupils, and they can speak a different language in only a few months. On the other hand, they can be confused and use words from both languages when they speak.
  • No religious symbols in school. Recently, several countries around the world prohibited the presence of any religious symbols in school. According to them, school and religion must be clearly separated. What do you think?