How To Make A Proper Conclusion To A Research Paper

By the time you get to the end of your research paper, you probably think that there is nothing more that you can say to make it any better but you have to because you have to conclude your paper.  You want to finish your research paper off strong so you can impress your instructor with the work you did.  You want to draw the reader in with your introduction but you want the conclusion to leave the reader wanting to know more or to at least have them thinking about you topic long after they put it down.

How To Make A Proper Conclusion

  • You want to look at your introduction again before you start to write your conclusion.  Look at what you wrote in there about your research paper, like what you wanted to prove and how you were going to prove it, now write down all of that information at answered questions and use that to write your conclusion.
  • There are a few ways that you can draw you conclusion for your research paper.  The first is that you can summarize your points or methods but make sure they are interesting and not a list.  Next, you could choose a statement that gives your topic a deeper meaning and the importance that has come out of your research paper.
  • If there is new information to be found on the topic, tell the reader about new information that needs to be examine, while also telling them about the information that you found that links to it.
  • Remember that you conclusion should be about your proving something to your reader that you wrote the thesis for and you can be right or wrong but that is what the research is for.  You want to examine everything and then come to a conclusion, which is what you should write in your conclusion.

When you are doing a research paper and writing a conclusion, you want to tie up any loose ends that might have come to light in your paper. Not explaining everything that you put in your research paper leaves holes in your research and paper that the reader can see.  This is one of the most common mistakes that students do with a research paper.  That is why when writing your conclusion; you address these loose ends if you can’t in the body of your research paper.  This will help conclude your paper and give the reader all the information.