How to Write an Essay for an Application in a Proper Way

There will be many times that you might have to write an essay as part of an application. College and job applications may both require an essay. The people reading the essays are trying to find out as much as they can about you. Follow these tips as you write the essay.


  • Observe the word limits and all other instructions: If you cannot keep to the word limit requirement or follow the essay instructions and directions, you will probably not make a very good impression. Read the essay instructions very carefully. Some places will immediately discard the essays that do not follow directions.
  • Be honest, but be smart: You want to be honest in your essays. If you made a mistake, but have learned from the mistake, make sure to include the lessons learned. Just make sure your essay is not a lengthy listing of every single mistake you have ever made in life. You do not want to look like a career criminal.
  • Be unique: The people reading the essays probably read a lot of them. Make sure your essay is unique and has a strong hook to pull in the reader.
  • Use the formal rules: You can and you should write in first person. You do want to observe the other formal writing rules. This sample should be your best example of your writing.
  • Be yourself: Do not lie or try to be something other than the person you are. The reader will be able to tell you are not being honest or truthful. Tell the truth about yourself.
  • Have fun: the reader will notice an essay that has some light sense of humor and is entertaining. Have fun. Watch deadlines: If the essay is due to the reader by December 1, then make sure you have sent it by November
  • Give yourself a time buffer in case of emergencies or in case of computer issues.

So when you use an essay with an application observe the word limit and instructions, be honest, be unique, use formal writing rules (but you can write in first person), be yourself, have fun, and meet every one of your application deadlines. Remember the person or the organization reading and evaluating your essay is trying to find out who you are and if you will fit into their group comfortably.