How To Write An Essay About Yourself For A College Application

Writing about yourself is not the easiest of tasks at any point, writing about yourself so that you are accepted in a college? That can be downright dreadful!

Since there is no way to skip this part in your college application, you will do well to write a good essay. Think about it. Why go to all the trouble if you end up botching the job anyway?

Here are a few tips that can help you painlessly write an essay about yourself for a college application:

  1. Start early: Do yourself a big, huge favor and do not leave this for the night before deadline! Starting as soon as you have filled out the rest of the application form is the best strategy.

  2. The right topic: Although you are going to write about yourself, the college does not want you to write your autobiography. This is why you can choose from questions. Select the one that fits your best. If you have done a lot of community service, pick the one that asks you about such experiences and their affects on you.

  3. Brainstorm and prepare an outline: Brainstorm to list some of your life’s most important experiences. You do not have to choose right now. So write down whatever comes to mind. See which part or parts will fit best with the things you want to show about yourself in your answer. Make an outline of the essay. Write what comes after which part. This gets your thoughts organized nod ready to be transferred to paper.

  4. Answer the question: Do not get carried away writing details. Make sure you actually answer what is asked. Going on and on about everything will not cut it. You have to analyze the topic question and then give a properly formulated and comprehensive answer.

  5. Do not boast: Keep your love affair with yourself a secret! The college admissions committee will probably appreciate self-confidence with humility.

  6. Do not sob either: Do not write about your bad experiences and how they have shattered you. Emotional appeals are bound to get you rejected.

  7. Read the college prospectus: Research the college(s) you are applying to. You should know what they are famous for or proud of. Connect yourself to one of the things the college has to offer. Show how it is the right thing for you, and what it can do for you.

Your college application essay is the showcase of your qualities. Show the parts that are not covered by the resume: Your personality, empathy, courage, patience etc. Whatever you think as the strongest parts of yourself are the parts that should shine through your application.