Collecting Information for a Book Report Writing

Book report writing is not just for children in elementary school. When writing a book report for higher level education, the task is much more complex than simply reporting on the summary of a book and why other people should read it. A higher level book report does include a summary, but it also includes an analysis of the accuracy of the topic and whether the author accomplished the goal of the book. Book report writing is usually done with non-fiction books, due to the nature of the subject.

Investigate the Author’s Sources

When you are gathering information for book report writing, you should begin with the bibliography that accompanies the book. It is always a good idea to investigate the quality of the sources that the author used. Look at how far removed the sources are from the actual events they are discussing. Look for the qualifications of the authors of the sources, to see if they are reliable. You might have to look in academic databases to find some of the sources, if you cannot find them on with basic search engines.

Check with the Sources are Legitimate

Once you have gathered the background information on the sources, you should then look to where the author uses them in the book. Investigate whether or not the author uses them accurately. Does the author use the information to back up something that has previously been claimed by other people or does the author try to say something new with the information presented? While you are investigating the way your author is using the information, you can look to see if other authors have done something similar.

Decide to Support the Author or Not

When an author writes a non-fiction book, they strive to be unique and sell many copies. There is nothing wrong with looking at the author’s claim and deciding if the sources, along with the author’s ideas actually support the claim. If they do not, your book report will need to clearly show this by having support to prove the author wrong. In the same vein, you will need to be able to show that the author is actually proving the claim appropriately. Regardless of the opinion you have of the author’s work, you will need to have ample facts to support your opinion. An opinion without facts to back it up is nothing more than an opinion.