Choosing A Unique Topic For A Speech

Speaking before a crowd is one of the most common fears known to humanity. Performance anxiety can strike even the most talented and experienced performer or orator, so it’s no wonder that many speech and communications students struggle with nervousness and writer’s block. One of the leading causes of speech writing block is the fear of creating an inferior presentation. Thankfully, you can prevent this by selecting a unique and engaging subject for your speech.

There are several ways to hone in on a unique speech topic. Keep in mind that your ultimate goal is to interest the audience. Of course, it is also imperative that you choose a topic that will make you feel comfortable, at ease, capable, and informed. Below are some suggestions for zeroing in on a unique, appropriate speech topic.

Consider Your Audience’s Knowledge Base

If you want to dazzle and interest your audience, you should choose a topic that is unfamiliar to them, but not so far from their realm of experience that it is a shock to their system. If you were speaking to a gardening club filled with senior citizens, for example, you might not want to deliver a speech about death metal or anime. Instead, you might want to introduce a subject that is parallel to their own interests, but on the fringe of their knowledge base. For example, you might want to discuss the behaviors of insects native to their gardens, or agricultural habits practiced by a culture they are unfamiliar with.

You shouldn’t pander to your audience or talk down to them, but you should test their boundaries a little with unusual or provocative details. Keep in mind what is socially appropriate for the venue and the audience, and also bear in mind what their education and vocabulary level is.

Research Obscure Topics

A well read orator makes fascinating speeches. Never stop learning about obscure or uncommonly studied topics, so you have a reserve of fun and strange facts that you can dispatch at any time. Not only will this make you a better speech writer, it will also make you a scintillating conversation partner.

To do this, you must consumer information in a manner different from everyone else. Do not just read the latest news on your social media feed or on the internet. Dig up old books and newspapers. Read from academic journals and attend conferences and symposia on subjects you do not know much about. You will be able to share the information you discover with your audience.