Define Cause and effect essay –Things To Keep In Mind While Writing

"I’ve been asked to write a cause and effect essay for my history class on WWII coursework, I am a bit unclear on what I should focus on or how to approach a cause and effect essay. I was under the understanding that it was similar to any other kind of essay writing structure, and now I am a bit confused on how to approach it"

Many young students feel this way when they are assigned cause and effect essays. This is because typically essays and reports include both "causes" and "effects" however, a specific cause and effect essay examines one or the other more critically, it can sound a bit confusing so let us explain;

How To Approach a Cause & Effect Essay Writing Assignment

Take for instance this students cause and effect essay on WWII, well he couldn’t possibly consider ALL of the causes and ALL of the effects of the second world war in a short composition paper really. Instead, he has been asked to write a short essay and should choose a few key causes OR a few key effects which are connected and find a way to discuss them with research and personal insight.

For example:

How was it possible for Hitler to be elected into power?

Would be a great topic title for a cause and effect essay on WWII. Now, you need to identify some causes that led to the eventual election of Hitler in Germany. You could explore it from a few different angles discussing the German moral following World War I, The economic state of Germany at the time and Political and religious views that were predominant in the wealthy communities at this point and time.

All of these "points" would be consider causes, of Hitler’s eventual rise to power and would be appropriate topics of discussion in a full cause and affect essay.

Like any essay, you also need to follow the proper formatting and compose a strong thesis in this case your thesis would have to establish "what causes" you believed resulted in this historic event.

What truly makes a cause and effect essay different, keep in mind, is that you are expected to include your own insights and reasons based on what you have learnt from looking at the evidence and research. You should also include a deductive conclusion based on your thesis that solidifies your remarks.