3 Tricks For Writing An Argumentative Essay

Properly written argumentative essays will consist of two valid sides of topics which you've chosen to wage battle on; these could consist of anything from abortion to zookeepers and anything conceivably between. For these essays to have proper sustenance and flow naturally, the very first planning strategy will revolve around topic and title selections. Aside from these major starting points, we've written three tricks for writing an argumentative essay which resonate both two vital points and your stance.

Trick #1: Consider What Others Will See

Writing argumentatively means having both pros and cons considered since your readers will invariably switch between sides. Projecting yourself as the reader and writer equally should allow your essay to emanate two distinct angles on whichever subject you've chosen for your argumentative essay. Make absolutely sure you've written the text fairly and haven't chosen your favorite side due to biased opinions.

Trick #2: Discern Logic From Emotion

Learning to act imperviously towards emotions when writing argumentatively will allow the tone of your essay to correctly show equal favoritism. You must understand that facts will determine how your audience responds to your essay - not your personal feelings about each subject. Learning to write without figurative speech will allow the natural argumentative state to emanate throughout each paragraph and guarantee your teacher will give the final paper high marks.

Trick #3: Prepare For Defensive Stance

Upon turning your argumentative essay in for grading, you may be required to present this essay in front of the class; you should be adequately prepared to defend your statements and facts since your peers will drill you in an attempt to get your overall perspective. You must have previously prepared your statements to already have knowledge of what potentially could become subjected to controversy when reading these essays out loud.


The majority of argumentative essays will have one major topic with two distinct sides which need to be heavily decorated without inclusion of biased statements. The teacher will probably have you recite the essay for your class to invoke other opinions on your topic; be adequately prepared for this type of positive scrutiny as the point is to make you aware of how anything in life will have equally adverse and desirable reactions which potentially result from actions or ideologies. Remember when writing your essay to pick topics which are relevant to your life experiences or at least something which could easily be researched with reasonable accommodations.