Composing interesting argumentative essay topics

Argumentative essays are designed to show a student how to choose a stand on a topic and then create supporting ideas to prove your stance by persuading your audience. It is an interesting way for your instructor to teach you how to come up with a thesis and then prove your thesis. Having an interesting topic to write about is just as important as writing your paper. An interesting topic will allow you to write a quality essay that you and your audience will enjoy.

How do you decide on a topic?

There is no magic formula to follow to ensure that you have an interesting topic. The idea is to write about something that you feel passionate about. Having a topic that you feel passionate about will make it easier to write. You may already know three reasons why you believe in the issue so it won’t be that difficult to come up with reasons and your job will just be to convince your audience to believe in your side of the issue.

Here are some interesting topics to get you on the right track

  1. Same sex marriages
  2. This is a controversial topic with individuals on both sides. You either support the issue or oppose the issue, so write your paper about why you have chosen to support or oppose the idea.

  3. Abortion
  4. Another topic that you can choose to write your argumentative essay on is whether or not to support or oppose abortion. Some people think that a fetus should have the same rights as any other person and others believe that it is the mother’s choice because it is her body.

  5. Animal testing
  6. There is a big controversy over whether or not to allow animal testing. Many drugs and vaccines are tested on animals to see if they will cure certain ailments. When testing a vaccine, the animals are given the disease and then given the cure. Obviously if the cure does not work than the disease will kill the animal. What is your stand on this issue? Do you potentially save the lives of millions by coming up with a cure if it kills millions of animals or do you not test the vaccines on animals because it isn’t right?

This is the general idea. It may be easy to pick a rather controversial subject for your topic but it isn’t necessary. Choose one that you feel passionate about and not the one where you sit the fence.