Animal Experimentation Essays Writing Tips

Writing any essay is challenging work, especially when you have to write an essay to convince a reader whether or not to agree with you regarding animal experimentation. This topic is very controversial, because so many people think of animals in so many ways. Many times the controversy does not just revolve around just animal experimentation, but on the animals that are being used and the ways they are being used.

Tugging on Heart Strings

Readers tend not to be as concerned about experimentation when mice or rats are being used. However, when monkeys, dogs, cats, pigs, or other animals that people have connections with are being used, these animals tend to cause more controversy. Therefore, when you write about animal experimentation, you can choose to appeal to the readers’ heart or you can choose to write in a more neutral fashion so that you can get the reader to believe you and agree with your ideas.

Choose a Powerful Tone to Get Your Message Out

Again, because this topic is so controversial, you will need to decide what your tone will be. This is the attitude that you take on the subject. If you are going to defend the practice, you will need to write in a tone that is professional. If you are a good writer, you might be able to successfully write in a sarcastic or satirical tone. However, if you are writing to support ending animal experimentation, you might want to write with an emotional tone.

Only Use Reliable Support to Convince Your Readers

Once you have decided what attitude you will use, you will also need to decide what support you want to use. In all cases, researched and reliable sources are the best ones to use. If your assignment includes the need for documented sources, be sure to get your information from reliable sources that are known for doing high-quality research. If you really want to write an impressive essay, you could do first-hand research and visit a laboratory that experiments on animals.

Animal experimentation is a topic that has been written about many times over, so it is important that you approach your essay from an interesting perspective. Your introduction and conclusion will be important to get the reader interested and to keep the reader wanting to know more. Your challenge will not be in finding useful information, but in convincing the reader that your idea is the best.