Writing an A+ argumentative essay

Writing a fabulous essay is about much more than just being passionate about the topic and formulating an argument for your point of view. To be an effective argumentative essay it must consist of certain elements. Planning and preparing the argument ahead of time is the first crucial step.

Steps to planning an A+ essay

  1. Finding the perfect topic. The topic should spark your interest as well as have two opposing perspectives upon which to build an argument. Which position can you put your passion into? Which position can you support with logic, reasoning and evidence?
  2. After considering both sides of the argument, choose a position. Since you will be presenting both sides of the argument in your essay, you should write down some notes for each side. Choose which side you support and prepare an assessment in favor of each side. Formulate a body of evidence for the foundation of why the side you chose is the best conclusion.
  3. Gathering evidence. Make sure that you can shoot down the strongest arguments for the opposing point of view, as well as provide sufficient evidence in support of your point of view. Present your side of the argument in a logical way without too much drama added. Be careful to avoid language that evokes too much emotion as this could cloud the reader’s ability to sift through the logical points of the controversy.
  4. Start writing. Introduce the topic you have chosen and assert why your side of the argument is correct. The statement describing your position is often referred to as the thesis statement. Next, present both sides of the argument. Re-state your side of the controversy as the most sensible conclusion. Make sure your sources are cited correctly.
  5. Summarize what has been presented in the essay. This is the most memorable part, so make sure it makes a lasting impression on the reader’s mind. Don’t introduce new evidence here; just reiterate the highlights that were presented in the body of the essay. This is the final statement and is probably the most critical part of the paper.

If you have difficulties in gathering your thoughts into an organized fashion, try starting with an outline. Under each heading in the outline, jot down a few sentences describing what that section will be about. Using this outline to do your writing will help you stay on track and write a great essay.