Writing Any College Essay In 24 hours

It's not entirely uncommon for college students to put off writing their essays until the last minute. What becomes problematic, however, is completing college essays within one day to adhere to class deadlines. Since you'll inevitably need to research your paper, script your outline and finish the written works before bedtime, you should follow our format listed below which describes how writing any college essay in 24 hours is completely possible to achieve with reasonable accommodations involved.

Hour 1: The Outline and Title

Since you'll already know what your essay style will be (i.e. informal, narrative, exploratory), simply work out the title and outline based off what you may know or find through search engines. You could Google '[essay type]' + 'topics' to get an idea of what you could write about, making the title all too easy to come up with.

Hour 2-4: Research

If you've already figured out what you wish to include inside your college essay and have written your title, the research portion should also be relatively easy. Open a blank Notepad document and type out some notes and facts to include in your paper. Spending about 1-2 hours doing this will be adequate since most essays are only 5 paragraphs total.

Hour 5-8: Rough Draft

Allow yourself about three hours to type out your rough draft. Do not concentrate so much on spelling errors or typos; worry about formulating your paragraphs to adhere to rules of essay writing which are three to five sentences each. Write the introduction and three paragraphs of content along with strong closing arguments. Work quickly, effectively and include your research notes when merited.

Hour 9-11: Final Copy

Typing out your final copy is simply taking your rough draft and making sure everything is where it should be, has correct format and will more than sufficiently pass professor inspection. You'll want to properly indent and make your font size according to rules given by teacher. Read through it briefly and make sure everything flows together.

Hour 12-20: Sleep / Activity

Set your work aside and forget about it, taking the time to rest or do something which takes your mind off the assignment. Make sure you've taken breaks throughout your writing (which we factored in) and never pick up your assignment within these eight hours.

Hour 21-24: Proofread and Off To Class!

Pick up your document, give it a thorough proofread, run it through either Copyscape or Paper Rater for plagiarism detection and print this out once satisfied. Head off to class with the satisfaction of having completed this paper within twenty four hours as we originally told you would be completely possible.